We Provide Exceptional Care to Injured Horses

Learn how your horse could benefit from cold water therapy

Horses face a long road to recovery after surgery or lower leg injuries. Equine hydrotherapy has been shown to speed up the healing process and relieve pressure from healing tendons. AquaPlus Equine Center, LLC provides top-notch services to area equestrians and their horses.
Your horse will benefit from...

  • Personalized care:
    Our uniquely designed straight pool with an adjustable current is used to address your horse's unique needs.
  • State-of-the-art equipment:
    We use cold water spas developed by CET Equine Spas, a trusted name in equine hydrotherapy. We also use a top-of-the-line AquaPacer.
  • Premier boarding and training facilities:
    AquaPlus Equine Center features 20 indoor stalls with padded floors, along with a covered arena.

Doesn't your horse deserve exceptional treatment? To sign up for our strength and conditioning program, contact us today.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Horses who routinely swim, use an AquaPacer or spend time in a cold water spa tend to...

  • Improve their stamina, muscle tone and range of motion.
  • Relax more easily after training or competing.
  • Recover faster from injuries.

The specialists at AquaPlus Equine Center will work with you to address your horse's specific pain points. For instance, we'll help prevent further muscle strain while swimming by leading your horse in warmups on an equine walker.

Take advantage of our boarding services

Your horse will receive personalized care at AquaPlus Equine Center. Our boarding facility features...

  • Just 20 stalls, so your horse will receive more attention.
  • Stalls lined with Stall Skins, so your horse won't stand on a bare concrete floor.
  • High-quality feed, so your horse will get the nutrients needed to perform better.

Contact us today to learn more about our horse boarding services.

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