Your Horse Will Be Comfortable and Secure at Our Boarding Facility

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A good night's sleep is crucial for keeping your horse in peak show shape. Run-of-the-mill boarding facilities don't prioritize comfort. You and your horse will be impressed by the boarding facilities at AquaPlus Equine Center, LLC.

Your horse will...

  • Rest easy in an indoor stall with a Stall Skin mat.
  • Stay in shape with daily exercises on a horse walker.
  • Eat well with coastal hay and high-fat pellet grain.

You're welcome to bring your own feed. Our caretakers can accommodate your horse's special diet.

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Take advantage of our cold water therapy services

Take advantage of our cold water therapy services

Every horse can benefit from hydrotherapy. If you want to prevent strains after practice and promote overall well-being, enroll your horse in hydrotherapy.

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