Frequently Asked Questions

Where is AquaPlus Equine Center located?

15927 US Hwy 77 N
Victoria, Texas 77904

What is the best way to get a hold of someone for boarding questions?

Call or text us at 361-571-0616 or send us an email to

What are the benefits of the AquaPacer?

The AquaPacer builds up strength in a horses back. Provides a high-resistance, low impact workout. Reduces weight bearing by 40-60%. Increases range of motion and flexibility. Increases strength, fitness and cardiovascular endurance. Ideal for freshening a horse or giving a horse a break without losing fitness.

How long do the swimming sessions last for my horse?

Every horse is different and their fitness level vs recovery level determines how many times they are taken through the pool and how strong the currents are or if they need the currents at all.

Is there a vet on site at AquaPlus Equine Center?

We have 2 local, on call vets from Victoria Veterinary Clinic Dr. Sam and Dr. Paul that are on board with us at AquaPlus.

What are the benefits of the CET Spa?

Helps Muscle recovery and soreness. Heals wounds and helps with joint pain. Can help with tendon and joint injuries as well as many other injuries.